Online Day Trip Bookings.

Day trips may be booked online up until the booking deadline.
If you miss the booking deadline you can phone the club line and book through leaving a message if space is still available.

Booking changes or cancellations: If you wish to make changes or cancel your booking, you will need to phone the club and leave a message on the answering machine.

Bus prices: Club Member Adult is $20, Child/Youth $10. For Adult Guest $35, Child/Youth Guest $20.
Prices displayed on the individual trip is for lift ticket price information only.

Payment: All day trip costs are payable in Canadian cash on the bus.

Booking Procedure:
1. Select the destination from the list below.
2. Select the number of people you are booking for with the appropriate lift ticket selection.
3. You will require each person’s membership number or enter “Guest”
4. In case of any special note or request please utilize the Other Notes box.
5. Finalize your booking. you will receive an email reminding you of your booking details.

For any technical issues or help utilizing the online booking, please contact our website administrator directly with specific details: