2020 Day Trips

Cedar Springs Ski Club Inc. operates chartered day trips to resorts and clubs in southern Ontario and northern New York State. Day trips are scheduled for both weekend days and mid-week days. Please see the exciting 2019 day trip schedule below as we look forward to the upcoming ski season.

Bus Costs:

Bus prices for member Adult is $20, Child/Youth $10. For Adult Guest $35, Child/Youth Guest $20.
Lift ticket prices and discounts vary from resort to resort. Prices will be mentioned on the answering machine when you call to book.
All prices are in Canadian dollars, paid in cash on the bus. Exact change would be appreciated.

Day Trip Bookings are now available online.

2020 Day Trip Schedule

Destination Date Departure Time

Guest Appreciation Day at Mt. St. Louis/Moonstone
Guests ride and ski for the same price as members.

Sat Jan 4 9:00AM / 7:00PM

Holiday Valley, USA (CDN. @ Par)

Sun Jan 5 7:00AM / 5:00PM

Holimont, USA – Book by Sunday 9:00PM

Wed Jan 8 7:00AM / 4:30PM

Blue Mountain

Sat Jan 11 7:00AM / 5:00PM

Mt. St. Louis/Moonstone

Sun Jan 12 7:00AM / 5:00PM

Craigleith Ski Club – Book by Sunday 9 PM

Wed Jan 15 7:00AM / 4:30PM

Kissing Bridge, USA – Night Skiing

Sat Jan 18 2:00PM / Midnight

Osler Bluff Ski Club – Book by Sunday 9 PM

Wed Jan 22 7:00AM / 4:30PM

Holiday Valley, USA

Sat Jan 25 7:00AM / 5:00PM

Kissing Bridge, USA

Sun Jan 26 7:00AM / 5:00PM

Holimont, USA – Book by Sunday 9PM

Wed Jan 29 7:00AM / 4:30PM

Blue Mountain – Book by Tuesday 9PM

Fri Jan 31 7:00AM / 5:00PM

Holiday Valley, USA

Sun Feb 2 7:00AM / 5:00PM

Alpine Ski club – Book by Sunday 9PM

Wed Feb 5 7:00AM / 4:30PM

Holiday Valley, USA – Cabin Fever – Book by Monday 9:00PM

Thur Feb 6 7:00AM / 5:00PM

Kissing Bridge, USA

Sat Feb 8 7:00AM / 5:00PM

Holiday Valley, USA

Sun Feb 9 7:00AM / 5:00PM

Holimont, USA – Book by Sunday 9PM

Wed Feb 12 7:00AM / 4:30PM

Bristol Mountain, USA – Extended Day

Sat Feb 15 7:00AM / 8:00PM

Holimont, USA – Family Day – Book by Thursday 9PM

Mon Feb 17 7:00AM / 4:30PM

The Georgian Peaks Club – Book by Monday 9PM

Thu Feb 20 7:00AM / 4:30PM

Swain, USA – Cruise Night – Extended Day

Sat Feb 22 7:00AM / 8:00PM

Holiday Valley, USA

Sun Feb 23 7:00AM / 5:00PM

Devil’s Glen Country Club – Book by Tuesday 9PM

Fri Feb 28 7:00AM / 4:30PM

Mt. St. Louis/Moonstone – Evening Family Ski

Sat Feb 29 1:30AM / 10:00PM

Kissing Bridge, USA

Sun Mar 1 7:00AM / 5:00PM

Holimont, USA – Book by Sunday 9PM

Wed Mar 4 7:00AM / 4:30PM

Kissing Bridge, USA Sloppy Slalom – Costume Day

Sat Mar 7 7:00AM / 5:30PM

Blue Mountain – Book by Sunday 9PM

Wed Mar 11 7:00AM / 5:00PM

Holiday Valley, USA – Cabin Fever – Book by Saturday 9PM

Tue Mar 17 7:00AM / 5:00PM

Day Trips – Policies and Procedures

Know before you book:

  • Cedar Springs Ski Club Inc. reserves the right to cancel any trip or change the destination of any trip due to poor weather conditions or lack of bookings.
  • Individuals 18 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult member (19 years of age or over).
  • Guests must be accompanied by an adult member.
  • If you and or your guest(s) cancel after the booking deadline or are a no show you will be responsible for the cost of the bus seat and lift ticket if purchased by the club prior to departure i.e. Cabin Fever Ellicottville, for yourself and your guest(s).
  • Photos – Please respect your fellow members and guests that wish for privacy and refrain from taking their photo without their consent.

How to Book:

The booking deadline is Wednesday 9:00 P.M. for all Saturday and Sunday day trips. For mid-week day trips the booking deadlines are noted in the schedule. Please note when you call, you can only book for those trips listed on the answering machine.  Members can book for themselves and as many guests as they wish to bring along.

To book a trip call the Club line 905-332-4320, listen carefully to the message for trip details including bus and lift ticket costs, then leave a message with the following information:

  1. Your name and age if applicable for discounts.
  2. Your membership number (found on your membership card).
  3. The destination and date of the trip you wish to go on.
  4. Names of guests you wish to bring with you and their ages
  5. Any questions or information you are looking for.

Spaces for trips are limited and are issued first come, first served basis.

Burlington Departure Time:

Buses depart from and return to the Park ‘n’ Ride carpool lot, North Service Road at Guelph Line, Burlington. Buses depart promptly at 7:00 A.M except as noted on our schedule, so arrive early enough to give yourself time to park, stow your gear and get seated on the bus. When more than 1 bus, please check with a bus captain for your bus assignment. Please note on weekdays the parking lot can get very congested, arrive extra early to get yourself a parking spot and carpool where possible.

Return Departure Time:

Buses depart the resorts for the return trip to Burlington at 5:00 P.M. sharp except as noted in the schedule. You must return on the same bus as you departed on and occupy the same seat on the bus for the return trip. No exceptions please.

On the bus:

Please have your Passport/travel insurance documentation on your person, not under the bus with your skis and bags as you will need then when crossing the border.
Ski and snowboarding boots in bags may be taken inside the bus if they will fit under your seat.  All oversize bags and boots not in bags must be stored under the bus with the skis and boards.
The seat that you take at the beginning of the trip is your seat for the entire trip unless a change is agreed upon by above occupying another seat. Where there are multiple buses you must return on the same bus that you took to the destination.


Bus prices for members for as little as $20 per adult & $10 per child/youth, $35 for adult and $20 for child/youth guests. On guest appreciation day guests pay the same bus price as members.
Lift ticket prices and discounts vary from resort to resort. Prices will be mentioned on the answering machine when you call to book.
All prices are in Canadian dollars paid in cash on the bus. Exact change would be appreciated.

What to bring on a day trip:

  • Mandatory – Valid identification (PASSPORT, Enhanced Drivers License or NEXUS Card) for you, your family and your guests, for all trips as destinations can be changed due to weather or snow conditions.
  • Membership card.
  • Proof of appropriate medical insurance.
  • Skis or snowboard, boots, poles packed in a ski bag.
  • Extra mitts, clothes in case it is colder than expected.
  • Anything else you consider essential.
  • Smiles

Trips to the U.S.A. Bring Your Passport:

Please remember on all cross-border trips to the U.S.A., you need a valid PASSPORT (recommended), Enhanced Drivers License or NEXUS Card. Your regular driver’s license is not deemed suitable identification.

What You Can’t Bring Across the Border:

The following are restricted items that may NOT be taken into the U.S.A. because they may carry animal and plant pests and diseases: meat, fruit, vegetables, plants, soil and products made from animal or plant materials. Please be aware that these items may be confiscated by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection upon your entry into the U.S.A.

One Last Thing:

Please be sure that you read, understand, and agree to the above policies and procedures before booking a day trip.

Important links, please read before booking a trip:

Requirements for U.S. border crossings.