Extended Trips – Policies and Procedures

Important information, please read before booking a trip.

Submission of Applications:
An extended trip application requires the following four components in order to be considered complete:

1. Completed application form specific to the trip
2. Cheque for the deposit amount plus insurance if applicable, dated no later than the deposit due date
3. Cheque(s) in the amount of the outstanding balance payable, dated no later than the final payment due date
4. Completed membership application and cleared membership payment (online payment completed or cheque enclosed)

Registering online simply holds your place in line. Your application is not complete unless all four items outlined above are received by the club, within 14 days or sooner if indicated for a specific trip.

All completed application payments must be mailed to:

Cedar Springs Ski Club Inc.
Brant Plaza Postal Outlet
P.O. Box 85447
Burlington, Ontario L7R 4K5

We are unable to accept applications via courier, fax or e-mail at anytime.

Cedar Springs Ski Club Inc. may reject and return any application that is considered incomplete. The Club processes over 200 extended trip applications every ski season – please help us by submitting your extended trip application together with payments as outlined above.

We do our best to accommodate everyone. However, there are a limited number of spaces available for each trip. All extended trips have a contracted, fixed number of spaces. We process applications on a first come, first served basis. The popularity of our extended trips requires us to adhere to these policies in order that each member has an equal opportunity to sign up for extended trips.

When the Trip is Sold Out:
If we receive your application and the trip you are applying for is full, we will place you on our waiting list. Your cheque(s) will not be cashed until space becomes available on your requested trip. We will notify you of your position on the waiting list for your requested trip. If space becomes available before the trip closing date, the people on the waiting list will be contacted in order. If you are contacted, you will be given a fixed amount of time to confirm your attendance on the trip and confirm that your cheque(s) can be cashed. If you do not confirm within the required time, the available space will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

All extended trip participants must be members of Cedar Springs Ski Club Inc. You must register for your membership before registering for any of the extended trips.
Individuals 18 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult member (19 years of age or over).

Trip Cancellation:
Trips organized by the club alone: All trips now have a minimum $100 deposit required upon registration.  If you cancel your trip after your registration has been completed & accepted, this deposit is a non-refundable administration fee.

If you cancel after the Balance Due Date, the club will attempt to fill your space on the trip.  If successful, your payment less the $100 administration fee will be returned upon completion of the trip reconciliation.  If the club is unable to fill your space, you will still be responsible for costs incurred on your behalf (your share of the room cost, bus seat cost, etc.).  There is a possibility of a minimal refund for lift tickets that were not already purchased or a separate meal that was included in the price however no payments will be made until after the trip & reconciliation completed.

Trips organized by a 3rd party (all trips with air travel):  For trips organized by outside agents, cancellations are subject to their terms and conditions. Insurance premiums (if purchased) are non-refundable as are deposits.

If your spot can be resold, you will be charged a $100 administrative fee plus all additional cancellation and change fees incurred by the Club on your behalf including charges and penalties from travel agent(s) where applicable.

Trip Insurance:
Trip cancellation insurance is available to all members for trips organized through a travel agent.  This optional insurance is provided by a national insurance carrier. If a member has chosen to purchase trip interruption and cancellation insurance, it is the member’s responsibility to be aware of the policy details and how it may or may not apply to their circumstance.  Insurance brochures will be available on-line.

For all inquires about the contents and application of the policy, please contact the insurance carrier directly.

Trip cancellation insurance is not available in the case where the Club organizes a trip directly.

Airline travel & ticketing:
For all trips by air it is the member’s responsibility to complete all trip application forms with the correct name as identified on the member’s passport; this is the name in which airline tickets will be issued. Airline regulations stipulate that the name on the airline ticket must match the name on the passport. Any changes/corrections to your ticket will result in a change fee as imposed by the airline. Charges vary by airline $200+.

Passports Requirements:
Travel by any means into the USA and Europe requires a valid PASSPORT. The European Union countries require Canadian citizens to have a minimum 6 months validity on their passport to enter. Cedar Springs Ski Club Inc. assumes no responsibility and no liability for anyone who, for any reason, is denied entry at the border or in the case of air travel is denied boarding privileges.
Click here for more information on documentation requirements for U.S. border crossings.

Customizing Your Trip:
Please remember that Cedar Springs Ski Club Inc. is not a travel agent or a travel broker. Where possible, if you are considering deviating from the Club itinerary we will do our best to help you make arrangements outside of the club trip. However, there are limits in what we can do and we can make no guarantees that we can provide what you are requesting. Deviation fees and penalties for itinerary changes will apply and will vary depending on the nature of your request and the trip.

Please respect your fellow members wish for privacy and refrain from taking their pictures without their consent.

One Last Thing:
Please be sure that you read, understand and agree to the above policies and procedures before booking an extended trip.
Have a wonderful time and we look forward to seeing you on the slopes.