Town Hall Meeting – held on September 23, 2020

Summary of Questions

Day Trips

1. When is the deadline to purchase the early bird membership?

COVID-19 uncertainty, we have extended the early bird membership rate to December 31, 2020.

2. Is there a membership threshold that the club has to meet in order for the season to go ahead?

The season is going ahead, thanks to many years of good management in this club. We have a very good financial base.  We will be governed by the restrictions that is put upon us by the airlines, by wholesalers and by ski resorts but we will do our best to make sure the season runs smoothly as possible but as far as financial restrictions, we have none.

3. Is there a family membership registration for the club this year? It seemed single adult only when I tried last week.

This was changed for the 2019/2020 season to make it easier for processing applications, so memberships are simply the number of adults, youths and children.   This was not changed for financial reasons but for simplicity reasons.

4. If there is a schedule, will it include day trips to upper state New York or will they all be in Ontario? Or will there be two schedules prepared . . . ( a ) one where we will be allowed to cross the border and ( b ) one where we may not cross the border?

We have 31 day trips posted on our website, scheduled between Canada and the USA so depending on the situation, e.g. border is closed or weather related, we will change the day trip destination. Per our disclaimer “Cedar Springs Ski Club Inc. reserves the right to cancel any trip or change the destination of any trip due to poor weather conditions or lack of bookings.”

5. Do we know if we are able to go all the Canadian ski resorts or any other resorts?

All the day trips shown on the schedule have been confirmed with the ski resorts so they know we are coming, therefore we are assuming there is no issue that we can get lift tickets.

6. Are the private resorts changing their admittance of non-members this year? Are we still going to private ski clubs?

Per the day trip schedule, we have confirmed the dates prior with the private resorts that we are welcome. Hopefully it does not change.

7. Is there an alternate day trip schedule, in case we are not able to cross the border?

Unfortunately no, but we will reschedule the US day trips once we have confirmation from another resort and advise accordingly.

8. Will TIPS still be offered and how will this work for instructors?

Yes, TIPS program will be offered on day trips, same as last year and we will be abiding by the resort rules. Confirmation and details will be announced on each bus before we reach our destination.

9. Will it still be cash paid on the bus to the bus captain or do we pay in advance on day trip?

In the past we have been paying cash for all the lift tickets at the resorts but we will have more discussion with the ski resorts to see if there are any changes this year and will advise the members accordingly.

10. Could we drive ourselves to the destination and meet the club there?

Yes, members can drive themselves as long as the day trip goes. You will need to call the club line and book and advise you are a “U-drive” and only need lift ticket(s).  Important, that you must meet the bus when they arrive at the ski resort to pick up the group lift ticket(s). Bus Captains must have your cash before they purchase the group lift tickets.

11. Will there be a different membership for U-drives?

No, we never had an issue in the past where some members would drive themselves and meet us at the resort, as long as they are at the resort before the bus arrives to pick up their group lift ticket. The issue is administrating the process of purchasing lift tickets. If for some reason the day trip is a “no go”, the resort will not sell directly to the member.

12. How many people will the ski resorts allow on the chairlifts

At this time we cannot answer but will post an update once each ski resort confirms the ski lift loading procedures.

13. How many people will be allowed in the ski chalet?

We know there will be restrictions on capacity but we will post an update once each ski resort confirms the procedure for our club.

14. Blue Mountain stated that the lodges will be open for groups to put their gear on or eat lunch. When arriving where do we change and leave gear?

CSSC will clarify with the ski resorts before our first day trip and advise members.

15. How will the online reservation for day trips work?

It’s similar to how you fill out your online membership application.  Go to the link provided and select the destination.  Select the number of people you are booking for with the appropriate lift ticket selection.  You will enter your name, membership #, email and phone number first and then any others you booking for. You will require each person’s name and membership number or enter “Guest” if you are sponsoring them. Note: Day trips may be booked online up until the booking deadline, e.g. Wednesday 9 pm. If you miss the booking deadline you can phone the club line and book through leaving a message if space is still available.

16. Are essential workers welcome on the day trips & bus and how will it affect the membership?

Essential workers have to use Personal Protective Equipment and they are the least likely to be infectious. They are also highly trained and undergo regular checks and screening. We welcome everyone and do not deny anyone.

17. Will guests be prohibited from day trips?

Guests are always welcome as long as they are sponsored by a member. Guests will have to complete the COVID pre-questionnaire and sign the CSSC waiver, same as the members do.

18. This would be a good year to use the budget surplus to subsidize bus transport to enable half capacity?

There is no budget surplus; rather we subsidize the buses based on membership income.  As far as numbers go, we do budget for 35-40 people per bus, which is a 56 passenger bus, so at half the capacity being 25-28 people, financially the club would have a hard time getting through the year.

Bus / Transportation

19. Are we going to limit the number of people/passengers on the bus?

No, due to economics, the cost of the bus is approximately $1300 therefore we do not pay for the seat, we charter the bus. Even if we have a full bus, 56 passengers, the seat cost does not cover the total cost of the bus therefore the fees from our membership subsidizes the cost of the bus. To that end, having only 28 people on the bus is not a viable option.  On an average year we run about 50 buses so keeping in line with our costs, we may have a few buses run with minimum passengers.

20. What are the safety measures for the bus? Will face masks be mandatory on all bus trips?

Our TOK Coachlines has provided us with their ‘Deep Clean Program’ and ‘Ride Safe Program’ to provide peace of mind for their customers. TOK-Coachlines Covid-19 Document .  Also to ensure the safety of the drivers and passengers, face masks are to be worn by passengers at all times while inside the bus. In addition CSSC will have a Covid-19 pre-questionnaire available to all members when registering for a day trip. This needs to be completed before boarding the bus, so if members/guests can print this and have this filled in before arriving in the parking lot, would be appreciated.

21. In addition to the pre-boarding screening questions, what other measure will be in place for all bus trips?

Per the government regulations, the buses will be cleaned and sterilized after each trip to kill any bacteria, virus or spores that may be on surfaces. Also TOK has installed a UV-C system (ultraviolet light germicidal lamps) connected to the HVAC system. Everyone needs to wear a mask and hand sanitizer will be provided to be used prior to boarding the bus.

22. If they can’t wear a mask (medical reasons) should they drive on their own

Per the Bus company rules, all passengers must wear a face mask on board. The Board of Directors will need to clarify if face-shields are acceptable.

23. If we continue to use buses for travel to the ski hills how can we know that we are safe from being possibly infected by someone passing on COVID-19 to other people on the bus?

Our TOK Coachlines has provided us with their ‘Deep Clean Program’ and ‘Ride Safe Program’ to provide peace of mind for their customers. It’s up to the individual, how safe do you feel but CSSC will take every possible precaution per government requirements, e.g. face masks, screening questionnaire, etc.  We hope that all passengers answer the pre-questionnaire truthfully and disqualify themselves as necessary for everyone’s health.

24. What about food and drink on the bus? People tend to take off masks to eat and drink. Can food and drink on the bus be prohibited for safety's sake?

We cannot prohibit passengers from eating/drinking on the bus but we hope that everyone will do it responsibly by staying in their seat, remove masks only for eating/drinking, and not walk around the bus.

25. Is stretching still permitted on buses?

Yes, if you need to get out of your seat, we ask you to take a couple of minutes to stretch but refrain from socializing in the aisles.

26. Do we think it would be useful to have the bus loaded in a more orderly fashion?

The Board of Directors will work with the bus company and prepare a process for bus loading and unloading and will advise members.

27. Can the bus captains refuse entry for a member if someone has symptoms but still wants to go?

Yes, the bus captain has the right to refuse someone if they have symptoms.

28. Will there be a change in bus cancellation rules for a person with possible symptoms of infection?

No, our policy states if you and or your guest(s) cancel after the booking deadline or are a no show you will be responsible for the cost of the bus seat and lift ticket if purchased by the club prior to departure.

29. Have you considered higher bus fees to allow lower utilization?

We try to make it as affordable as possible for everyone to enjoy, so we need to be careful about our prices. There are some members who are willing to pay more for the bus seat to allow lower utilization. The Board of Directors will discuss this option at their next meeting.

30. Is it possible to have the same people/friends on the same bus?

As long as you book all together, then yes we will put you on the same bus. If you call to book your trip, simply state that you would like to be on the same bus as the other member and provide their name and membership number if possible.

31. How do we deal with someone who takes their mask off and doesn't put it back on?

The bus captain will ask them politely to please put the mask back on. If they refuse we will handle this on an individual bases but we feel our members are responsible to protect themselves and others, so this issue will hopefully not come up.

Extended Trips

32. I have a question regarding applying the $20 credit to the membership? The credit was provided by the club as a refund for the bus ride for one of the day trips when the bus had to u-turn due to bad weather.

This credit will have to be used for a day trip, therefore please call the CSSC club line 905-332-4320 for confirmation.

33. Will we have to be tested before we leave to the west if we are rooming with people we don’t know?

No, you do not need to be tested. At the airport, everyone will be screened for COVID-19 (temperature screening) before boarding the plane. If you still have concerns, please contact your trip leader.

34. Will the trip cancellation insurance offered for extended trips also include the (medical) eventuality of COVID-19?

It is strongly recommended you have travel insurance for all trips.  Skican offers Trip Cancellation and Interruption, Medical and Comprehensive Travel Insurance Plan provided by Allianz Global Assistance Canada. Cancel for Any Reason coverage can be added to any of these policies. For confirmation and further information on Allianz Global Assistance Canada plan, contact 1-800-465-4279 and provide Skican’s Agency code: 2451

35. I got air credit with Air Canada from last year. Are all the western trips using Air Canada as the airline so I can use my air credit?

Only Skican (including airfare) credits can be applied to any of our extended ski trips. You can book land only and arrange your own flight and ground transportation. Please contact the trip leader for further clarification.

36. I got an Air Canada credit from the trip that was cancelled last year, would you consider opening the registration for the extended trips later in year like Nov., so that it might be more clear what is happening with Covid-19 second wave and restrictions on travel?

Extended trip registrations begins October 1 and will remain open for each trip until such time it’s sold out. Unfortunately we cannot delay registration dates due to the trip contract deadlines.  Note: in case you do not want to travel this ski season, your Banff Skican credit is valid until the end of March 2022.

37. With our refund from Skican ($730) I believe, do we take that off the price of the extended trip?

Yes, this amount needs to be deducted from your final trip payment to Skican. Should you have any further questions, please contact the trip leader.

38. Can the Skican credit be used on a trip not associated with the club?

Yes, the credit can be applied to any group trip with Skican.

39. I have a credit from last year’s cancelled Banff trip, do we have to register again or are we already included in the trip registration?

Yes, you have to register again, just like everyone else.  Unfortunately there is no preferential treatment but we don’t anticipate any issues with the Banff registration.

40. For Banff if we are a party of 3, one being a child, can we get a double room?

The trip leader will verify with Skican but it shouldn’t be an issue. There may be an extra charge for the child but please include the comments when you register.

41. Any trips planned for Eastern Canada or just Western Canada? I feel Eastern is safer present than Western as it pertains to Covid.

For the coming ski season we only have extended trips for Ontario and western Canada. If the boarder does not open, we may have to cancel the Ellicottville trip in February and perhaps change

42. Since I’m a single skier will I still be able to go on the week long trips? Will I need to find my own roommate?

Yes single skiers can join on extended trips and the trip leader will help find you another suitable roommate if you are not able to. Otherwise there may be the option of selecting a single room/single supplement, extra cost.  Please contact your trip leader if you have further questions.

43. Can you discuss how accommodation for single signups will be handled with the quad accommodations? Has the provision of optional double (not quad) accommodations been discussed with the resorts/package vendors? Are those options possible? Can those options still be added?

Limited number of different accommodation may be available on first come bases, price will be different most likely higher and accommodations may not be in the same complex or have the same type of amenities. Please contact the trip leader for further information.

44. There are still a lot of details unknown and COVID is still changing. Will you hold another town hall meeting later this year before the end of the early bird membership renewal time?

Yes we are planning to hold another Town Hall in November, since the Nov. 4th Info Night has been cancelled.  A communication will be sent out confirming the date.